Deuter - Immortelle

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Deuter - Immortelle

CD Immortelle is een speciale Healing CD. Elk stuk draagt de naam van een geneeskrachtige plant die al duizenden jaren bekend is om zijn kracht. Deuter speelt op een variëteit aan instrumenten inclusief Fluit, Keyboard, Cello, Piano en gitaar. Hij mixt heel subtiel zijn eigen stem als een extra instrument om een vleugje menselijkheid toe te voegen. Andere instrumenten zijn o.a. Harp en Hand-drums.

Nature has always been an inspiration for me, says Deuter. Its influence can be heard directly on my CDs when I have included the sounds of bird songs, crickets, mountain streams and ocean waves. The title of the new CD as well as the titles of the individual tracks are all names of plants and flowers which have, with their healing powers, helped humans for thousands of years. The plants also always made life a little more pleasant with their aroma.
‘Immortelle’ is a word that few may know. It was unknown to me until I first went to Corsica where I became acquainted with this wonderful medicinal plant, the aroma of its oil and its strong invigorating effect. I enjoyed helping my friends distill an essential oil from it that provides protection, healing and renewal of the skin. The fragrance still brings back memories of mountains, warm rocks and views of the sea in Corsica, remembers Deuter.

The tune Monarda, with its lovely cello part, is named after a mint plant also known as bee balm, horsemint or Oswego tea. The leaves give spicy fragrant essential oil used for stomach ailments, fever and as an antiseptic for mouth infections. Sonnenbraut, also known as sneezeweed and Ruby Tuesday, has some herbal uses in small doses. The ten-minute piece on the album with the same name features several flute parts and a beautiful violin solo. Traubensilberkerze is a flowering herb (also known as black snakeroot or bugbane) long used for menopause symptoms.

Lily of the Valley is a herbaceous poisonous plant used very carefully for folk remedies. Because of its bell-shaped flowers it is also called Mary’s Tears or May Bells. The tune Vervain, which focuses on flute and strings, is named after a plant with a bitter taste used for congestion, back pain and arthritis. The Binsuga plant is listed in Hildegaard von Bingen’s famous 12th Century writings on healing plants, and Deuter’s musical tribute is very slow and ambient. Cumara is a tree that can live more than a thousand years, but it also is in the pea family and produces seeds known as tonka beans that are used as a vanilla substitute. The Cumara music has piano, synth and wordless vocals.


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